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Preparatory department VlSU

Faculty of Pre-University (FDP) was established September 6, 2006 in the Vladimir State University.

The new department brought together into a coherent whole all hitherto existing forms of pre-university training: Preparatory Department, Preparatory courses Regional High School.

The purpose of this association was to improve the efficiency of preparing students for entry into VlSU.

Dean of the new faculty (FDP) is a professor of RTiRS, Ph.D. Sadowski Nikolai.

The faculty may enroll students 10 th and 11 th grade, students graduating class colleges, technical schools, high schools, as well as persons with secondary specialized education to prepare for university.

Preparing students is conducted at four offices FDP:

  • Preparatory (for applicants who already have a secondary education);

  • Preparatory department of conscripts and contract servicemen;

  • Lyceum, which has offices in each faculty VlSU;

  • Department of general training and distance learning for those students who are undecided or faculty are being trained by correspondence.

Classes start at eight-month course FDP - from 1 October. Applications are accepted in kab.212 Building № 3 (Stop Café New ") daily from 9-00 to 17-00 except Saturday and Sunday.

Dear Applicant Preparation for university - this is the first step towards developing your future profession. It is time to do it.

We are waiting for you. Good luck!

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